With aunt !

Dear readers, I am giving you an episode of my first peep into what we all call sexual encounters. I had gone to my Uncle’s place called Nepalgunj, in West Nepal. It was a small town then, our next door neighbour was a business guy, he had a grown up daughter, studying in first year college. She was slim fair, and had beautiful eyes. Every day in the morning, she would say “Hi”, when she passes by. I was at that time was in the school final. One day in the afternoon, the next door aunty called me to accompany her to the town, i sat obediently by her side, the bus moved slowly, she was a plump figure, in her 40’s, she narrated about her family, her husband, and how she was lonely, even to go outside. I sat like a stone, but there was her body odour, that gave me a tingling feeling. It made my cock become erect. I think she noticed it, she now put her left hand my lap, as if with authority. I was really becoming hot, when suddenly the bus halted at a place. I suddenly saw her hand giving a quick grasp of my cock, she immediately took of her hand, and said “sorry”. I said its O.K aunty. My cock was still stiff. She glanced at mine and asked,” Have you touched any lady”? I said “No” shyly. She just smiled, and asked” would you like to feel me?” .I was very nervous, and said, ” I only like to see a lady completely naked, not touch, because it is sin”.She said”Be prepared, i ‘ll call you to see me soon”. I was so excited to hear, that suddenly i felt my cock was pulsating so hard, and then suddenly, i could feel i was ejaculating …. ,my undy became so soggy. She gave me a sexy smile, we later finished the town work and returned home. My aunt was happy that i helped the next door neighbour. The next day, “that aunty” invited me for lunch in the afternoon. I took permission from my people, and went to their house. It was very quiet inside. The house had atleast 3 bedrooms, and all airconditioned. We sat at the dining table opposite to each other. She was in her sleeveless black nightie, she told me to take what ever i wanted. I could see her cleavage, and thought that she should have a big breast. She suddenly asked me ” Did you wash your underwear, i know it became wet i noticed that in the bus itself” I nodded yes, we ate silently. It was about 1.00 pm, she then gave me a soft drink,i drank it with one gulp. She gave me a smile and said ‘ why are you in a hurry, do you want to go out somewhere “? .I said “No Aunty”. She got up from her chair, came near me, and asked”Do you want to see me naked”? before i could say anything, she came close to me, and kissed me on my cheeks, she pressed my head to her breasts, and said”Come in i will show you my treasures”. I just followed her like a lamb. She went into her bedroom, and with a drop, she let go off her nightie, she was standing there all naked in front of me, i was confused, i didnt know what to see first. She lay on the bed with her legs apart. My cock was so stiff, that it was a bit painful. She called me to her side, she sat up held me close to her, her face was near my stiff cock, she was smelling, and asked me ” Can i see you also naked”. I just nodded ‘yes’. She slowly unzipped my pants, pulled down my underwear, and kissed the tip of my cock. She glided her tongue around the tip of my pink cock, it became wet with her saliva. She then held the tip with her lips, my cock became moist, she started licking the moist liquid, and said it was very tasty. She then said ” would you mind if i drink all that comes out from this beautiful pipe of yours, i had never even tasted my husband’s “. I could only say” take everything you want”. She then put me on the bed, and started sucking vigorously, i just couldnt control mysely, I moaned” Nimmie Aunty… A…u n…t …y it is so o…o n….i …..c…..e. My stiff rod was so big, even i didn’t imagine that it would become so big. She then said, i am going to drink everything, if you want you can suck my breasts, she took my face to her stiff nipples, it was protuding so hard, i sucked both the nipples tot my hearts content, i could hear her moaning with pleasure, she was moaning ” I will t..e..a..c..h you to f..u..c..k a sexy lady, she then told me to lie on top of her, she guided my cock into her hot and moist hole. My cock was finding it difficult to penetrate, she then applied some oil to the tip, and told me to press it into her hole which i didn’t even see properly. My stiff cock went in, and now with out her instructions i started banging her that feeling of cock rubbi=ng inside that hole gave me some extraordinary pleasure, i dont know how long i banged her, but when i was about to ‘come’ She told me to bring my cock to her mouth. It exploded with a bang… her lips held my cock so firmly that she had every drop of it. She then licked my cock for some time, may be for 10 minutes or so. I was so excited, i only wanted to see a naked woman, but here i learnt to fuck. I closed my eyes in pleasure, and was so o o relaxed. She then walked up naked to the kitchen and came up with a glass of juice, as i was drinking it, she was sucking my cock so gently, playing with the tip of my pink cock, when it began to get erect again. She this time went on sucking, licking, sucking, her tongue played with my cock, tapping it now and then, i just became so hot again, her lips were around my tip alone, i felt that she must be a great sexy woman, who would suck me out, and she did that. I told her that i may ‘come’ once again. She went on sucking as it was a lolly pop, when i couldn’t control myself, i moaned “A ah aah , take it Aunty, take it , i am coming i am c o m i n ng. I dont know what she heard, but nodded her head and went on sucking and suckind and she sucked all that had come, i was now relaxed once again, i lay on the bed, she too lay on me like that for quite some time. I had graduated even with out going to the college. I can never for get West Nepal…… Any comments feel free to express to 44saman@gmail.com



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