Sex with a teenage girl – Nepal

Hi All,Well I am a hot and decent guy, I am belonging to a good family in Nepal and I work in a multinational organization in Nepal. For me sex is a natural thing and we can have sex to those with whom we trust and feel comfortable. I am going to narrate my first sex experience.

I was a good student in class when I was in secondary level. Some friends used to visit my home for tuition. One day a neighbor girl requested me for tuition class. Though I was not ready to teach her due to her father’s request I said okay to her. Her name is Samira (name changed) and she was only 14 years old. She started visiting my home daily; I had nothing bad intention with her.

I used to sit on my bed and she used to sit close to me. One day when I was teaching her some math problems, she changed her position and while changing the sitting position I saw her private parts, maybe she had forgot her panties. I noticed her pubic areas covered with some hairs. Some naughty things came in my mind. But I suppressed my feelings coz I was her teacher and a neighbor brother.

But from next day, I started watching her boobs area, her thigh and her body parts, everything were growing rapidly.

Next day, she came but I was sleeping in my bed, she silently came and frightened me. Both of us laughed from that day our relations became more and more informal. Slowly I started catching her and she used to enjoy my touch on her body. The tuition went on for about a year, her boobs were getting bigger. One day we discussed about the Health subjects and she said that she is not good in health. I asked her some questions related to reproductive organs but she hesitated to answer later I told that I have seen her private parts then her face turn into red. The second day she came during afternoon, while no body was at home. I think she was aware about that she came with some health related questions. I answered; during my answering I noticed that she was breathing heavily. I stared at her boobs which were moving up and down due to her breadth. I asked her if I can catch her boobs. She didn’t deny but she didn’t agree as well. But I caught her boobs and massaged slowly. She closed her eyes her face turned red and hot, and then I kissed on her forehead and lips. In beginning, she didn’t responded but later on she responded very well. She sucked my lips and I felt her hands running on my body. I slowly massaged her boobs and kissed on her lips. My both hands and my tongue was busy on her body. My cock was getting harder and harder, her hands were massaging my hot dick. Suddenly the telephone rang and I went to pick up the phone, there was a relative on phone we talked for few minutes and I returned back to my room. She said she want to go. I requested to stay but she said her mom will call her. While running out of my room, she said “She will come tomorrow”. I masturbated for her. The next afternoon, she came in my room in a loose and transparent dress. Her red bra and black panty was visible from outside. I take her in my lap and started caressing on her body. I started kissing her everywhere. She was moaning little bit and breathing heavily – mhmhmhmhm…. please please do me do me…. please please ammamamhmhmhm. I make her naked and I was also completely nude. I start licking her pussy, which was already wet (which I had learnt from some porn movies). While I was licking her body parts were moving and she was moaning hard. After sometime I took my hot and erect rod in her pussy and tried to fuck her. Her pussy was tight so it doesn’t go easily inside her. I tried for some time she was moaning with pain and pleasure. My dick went inside her, I feel like a thirsty man explored a lake. I fucked her for some time, I feel like something is coming inside me then I took out my dick from her wet and tight pussy and fluids came outside. I kissed her for some time and after sometime I asked how it was? She laughed I knew that she had enjoyed. Later she said that she had watched some porn movies with her friends and she was desperate about sex.

We enjoyed our sex few times, after that she passed her S.L.C exam and went outside the town for further studies. Last week I got call from her as she was going abroad for her higher studies. I said “all the best to her” we still have a good relation like a friend and a good neighbor. Though we both don’t want to disclose anything about our sex life and we never want to bother each other but those days were the great days which we both miss. For comments and feedbacks –


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A hot and decent guy from Kathmandu Nepal
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3 Responses to Sex with a teenage girl – Nepal

  1. rajababu says:

    Nice story. please write some story about hot nepali cheating wives. 😉

  2. pravin kecy says:

    grate story

  3. urmika says:

    malai testai bhaluko ph no deu na 2 man lageko 6

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